Letter from Unit 354 President

Dear Unit 354 Members

Your Board of Directors has just completed a major project and approved an update to our Bylaws. Please take the time to review it.  As you will see, it provides for additional transparency of action and additional participation from ALL of the Unit members.  Membership input on this, and any other matters of concern to you, should be directed to any of your Board members.  Names and contact information are on this website.

Going forward, I assure you that, unlike in the most recent past, the Unit will be run in strict compliance with our governing Bylaws.  Later this year we will conduct our first Annual Meeting in some place where you will have the opportunity to vote on important issues that affect us all.  Please help us make the Unit better serve you by participating, wherever possible, in the decision-making process.


Kenneth Titow

President, Unit 354 ACBL