2020 Goodwill Committee Appointments


By Bonnie Bagley, National Board Representative

 It's that time of year again . . . Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and my appointments to the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee and the ACBL Charity Committee. While it's  such a pleasure to recognize the outstanding members of our district, it's also difficult because there are so many who equally deserve to be honored. 

2020 Goodwill Committee

My four appointments to the ACBL Goodwill Committee have been chosen because of the extraordinary contributions they have made to bridge and to D17.  They all embody the essence of Goodwill, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”  One of my four appointments is Susan Kay Schultz. 

Susan Kay Schultz, Scottsdale, is one of the behind the scene and in front of the scene people – in other words, she almost does it all. She's always willing to lend a hand to get the job done. Susan Kay is Vice President of Phoenix Unit 354, as well as the Youth Bridge Chairman.  Unit 354 organized Unit 354’s first Youth Bridge Summer Camp in June 2019 – read the article in the September Bridge Bulletin on page 28. Susan Kay is also the webmaster of one of the best unit websites; check it out at www.unit354.com/ and I think you will agree with me. 

Susan Kay Schultz | Goodwill Ambassador 2019


District 17 GoodWill Ambassador Award

Susan Kay is a cheerful glass half-full lady.  Playing in many clubs around the valley

she usually sits N/S and greets her opponents with a welcoming smile and greeting.  

Susan Kay is a dedicated Unit 354 member who runs our website keeping it updated

and looking fresh.  She assists at all of our tournaments doing whatever needs to be done.

Chairing a YOUTH Bridge Committee dedicated to bringing bridge to students 

in grades 5-8, she has stated this is the most difficult goal she has ever worked on.

Susan Kay is a valuable member of our Unit and Board and is worthy of a goodwill honor.

D'Anne Pienkta | Goodwill Ambassador 2018


District 17 Goodwill Ambassador Award

D’Anne has been active in Unit 354 since 2004.  When asked to become a 

board member, she happily accepted since “it was the fastest way for me to 

get to meet and know the bridge players and for them to meet me.”  

Due to work constraints, D’Anne no longer serves on the board; however, she still 

develops and edits our newsletters, tournament fliers and the Unit 354 Directory.  

She was once asked, “if you’re not on the board, how are you going to get credit?”  

She laughed and responded “I didn’t get credit when I WAS on the board.”  

At the bridge table she is always cordial, friendly, and encouraging to newer 

players.  Once a month D’Anne gives up her Saturday morning to be a mentor 

at the In Tempo Bridge Club for the 5th Chair mentoring program.  

She is a valuable member of Unit 354.  D’Anne is deserving 

of the District 17 Goodwill Ambassador 2018 award.

Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee

The ACBL Goodwill Committee was organized in 1955.  Its mandate includes promoting active ethics, building awareness of those with disabilities such as hearing loss, and supporting junior programs.  At the Summer 2010 NABC in New Orleans, the committee was renamed the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee in Aileen Osofsky's memory and in appreciation of her 25 years of service as chair.  

Annually, each ACBL Board of Directors member may appoint two members from his or her district to join the Goodwill Committee.  The following UNIT 354 members have been appointed to this lifetime honor in recognition of their contributions and support to the local clubs and unit:   

Zita C. Bruflat, Jerry Gaer, JoAnne Lowe,  Rod Bias, Adele Verkamp, Jamie Rubenstein, Lou Smith, Thomas Stack, Genie Dickerson, Lesley Davis, Barbara Bunnell, Gary Zeiger, Page Tomkinson, Marianne Spanier, Martin Hauser and D’Anne Pientka.  


• Greet and Welcome Opponents

• Always Say, “Director, Please” 

• Lead or Place Dummy before You Write

• Accept Defeat and Victory with Grace 

• Say, “Thank You, Partner”

• Compliment Opponent’s Play 

• Discuss Hands after the Game

• Mentor a New Player 

• Leave a Tidy Table

• Smile Often!



Aileen Osofsky, ACBL Goodwill Committee chair for more than two decades and one of the ACBL’s most influential voices for promotion of friendly behavior at the bridge table, received the Blackwood Award and was inducted into the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame in 2009.  

Osofsky was known as the Queen of Goodwill because she led by example. Fittingly, the surprise announcement that Osofsky had received the Blackwood Award came during the Goodwill Committee meeting at the 2009 Spring NABC in Houston. The normally loquacious Osofsky was left almost speechless when Steve Robinson told the assembly of the award, given to a person for contributions to bridge without necessarily being a top player. She may not have qualified as a world-class competitor, but those who knew her agree she had no peer as a Goodwill ambassador for bridge.  

At the induction ceremony, her son Alan noted, “Although she isn’t the best player, she has done as much for the game as anyone.”  In her 25 years of service as Goodwill chair, Osofsky never stopped trying to convince ACBL members that friendly demeanor at the bridge table is good for everyone.