Produced by D'Anne Pientka, Newsletter Editor 

Newsletter Editor & District 17 Goodwill Ambassador 2018


District 17 Goodwill Ambassador Award | D'Anne Pienkta

D’Anne has been active in Unit 354 since 2004.  When asked to become a board member, she happily accepted since “it was the fastest way for me to get to meet and know the bridge players and for them to meet me.”  

Due to work constraints, D’Anne no longer serves on the board; however, she still develops and edits our newsletters, tournament fliers and the Unit 354 Directory.  She was once asked, “if you’re not on the board, how are you going to get credit?”  She laughed and responded “I didn’t get credit when I WAS on the board.”  

At the bridge table she is always cordial, friendly, and encouraging to newer players.  Once a month D’Anne gives up her Saturday morning to be a mentor at In Tempo Bridge Center for the 5th Chair mentoring program.  

She is a valuable member of Unit 354.  D’Anne is deserving of the District 17 Goodwill Ambassador 2018 award.