Unit 354 Youth Bridge Camp | June 3-14, 2019


Contact Chair Susan Kay Schultz (480) 205.1919


1st Week Campers & Coaches


Susan Kay Schultz, Carter Willems, Liz Erling, Harrison Whitfill, Rosalyn Katz,  Kandi Osborne, Santhe Niedner, Emma Cantoni, Debbie Reichow, Lily Thomas, Kat Willems. 

Tissue Jeopardy


Debra DeVault, Eric Katz, Jack Berton, Lindsay Cantoni, Richard Jacobson, Emma Cantoni, Kandi Osborne, Harrison Whitfill, 

Rosalyn Katz and Lilly Thomas.   

Last Day | Bridge Tournament


1st Place East/West Lilly Thomas, 

1st Place North/South  Emma Cantoni.  Following the bridge tournament the parents, kids and coaches enjoyed a pizza party.  

Richard Jacobson's 1st Art Project


Kids drew their interpretation of the King of Spades or Queen of Hearts.  The art will be framed, displayed and can be viewed in the teaching room at In Tempo.   

Coach Richard Jacobson middle photo.

Richard Jacobson's 2nd Art Project


Each kid chose small, abstract rectangular design and was asked to creatively transfer to canvas board five times its size.   The young artists did not know what the small piece of the puzzle would yield for them.

2nd Week Campers


2nd week campers which included Rosalyn Katz, Lilly Thomas, Emma Cantoni and Harrison Whilfill are showcasing their bridge tournament awards and highlighting their 2nd art project.


Coach Richard Jacobson keeps a watchful eye as students bid/play hands. Campers Rosalyn Katz, Harrison Whitfill, Lily Thomas, Emma Cantoni.   


Campers and Coaches Santhe Niedner, Suzette Wynn, Linda Thieken,

Richard Jacobson reviewing all of the art projects.

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YBC | 1st Meeting


Liz Erling, Linda Thieken, Susan Kay Schultz, Suzette Wynn, Phebe Packer, Santhe Niedner.  Not pictured:  

Kandi Osborne and Richard Jacobson 

Summer YBC Planning Session


2nd planning session:  Liz Erling, Phebe Packer, Linda Thieken, Richard Jacobson, Susan Kay Schultz, Santhe Niedner, Kandi Osborne and  Suzette Wynn 

Scott Worrall | Rohn Layton


Scott Worrall w/12-year old grandson.   Presidents' Day Sectional at In Tempo, 3rd Place, 53.19% game.  Scott and Rohn play at Peoria Bridge Club.   

Register | Unit 354 YOUTH Bridge Camp 2019 | Grades 5-12

June 3-14 • Monday - Friday , 8 AM-12 PM

$300 each session, discount for multiple children in family or 2 sessions.

In Tempo Bridge Club,  8250 E. Rose Lane, Scottsdale AZ 85250