Committee Contact INFOrmation

Elizabeth Erling | Co-Chair

Linda Thieken | Volunteer Coordinator


Susan Kay Schultz | Co-Chair

Youth Bridge Is Coming To Town

Youth Bridge Committee |1st Meeting


Liz Erling/Co-Chair, Linda Thieken, Susan Kay Schultz/Co-Chair, Suzette Wynn, Phebe Packer, Santhe Niedner.  Not pictured:  

Kandi Osborne and Richard Jacobson 

Committee Planning Session


2nd planning session clockwise from  middle top:

  Liz Erling/CoChair, Phebe Packer, Linda Thieken, Richard Jacobson, Susan Kay Schultz/Co-Chair, 

Santhe Niedner, Kandi Osborne and  Suzette Wynn 

Scott Worrall | Rohn Layton


Scott Worrall and 12-year old grandson, Rohn Layton, played in Presidents' Day Sectional at In Tempo.   

They finished 3rd with 53.19% game.   

Scott and Rohn play in the Peoria Bridge Club.